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STH - VP Hurtz Dig Micro Shifter / Micro Winch Mount

STH - VP Hurtz Dig Micro Shifter / Micro Winch Mount

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This mount replaces STH-0127 (Hurtz Dig Compact Micro Shifter Mount)

What's in the Box?
1 - Servo Bracket Cut from 6061 Aluminium, 4 - M2 x 6 mm Screws
Max Servo Dimensions
Wide: 23.5 mm, Thick: 13.5 mm
Ear Hole(Double) - 7 x 28 mm
Ear Hole(Single) - Centre x 28 mm

This mound is designed to work with the Vanquish Products Hurtz Dig ( This bracket will allow you to use a Micro Servo as your Dig shifter to save space in trucks where clearance is tight (Axial Capra).

Compatibility: This mount is compatible with most micro servos currently on the market to include the Reefs Micro 99, Shift RCS Nano M and moany others.

The connecting rod will need to be custom assembled and connects to the linkage at an approximate 30 Degree angle. You can get full throw with the servo at this angle for locking, free and unlocking action.

Additional usage: This bracket can also be used a a Micro Servo Winch Mount on most Aftermarket chassis. We have added an M3 Slot allowing mount spacing from 7.5mm up to 31mm apart allowing you to mount the bracket to the side of your LCG chassis for a Micro Servo winch or other applications that requires the use of a micro servo for lockers or shifters.

Setup Shifter - With the radio on, move your servo to the extreme left endpoint and move the locker leaver to the 4WD Position. Make your push rod and adjust it's length to connect the servo and shifter in this position. Next Move you Servo to center position and make sure the transmission "Free Wheels" on the rear. Last, Set your endpoint on the far Right (Locked) position ensuring the lever is fully seated but not straining the servo. Fine adjustment to the throw can be made by lengthening or shortening your connecting rod or using a longer/shorter position on your servo Horn.


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