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Paul Warren

GCRC Caiman chassis

Capra front axles x2 4WS

Dmond 60kg front servo

McGregor 25kg rear servo

Konect Fusion 1800kv motor


Capra gearbox with DIG

Incision shocks

1.9 Alloy Beadlock wheels

Paul Warren's Capra Caiman C3

Rhys Jones' "Purple Demon" Capra Caiaman C2

Gareth Curtis' "Superlight" Capra Caiman C2

Gina Curtis' Capra Caiman C2

Gareth Curtis' Capra Caiman C2

Andy Knight's TRX4/Stealth Caiman C2

Gareth Curtis' Capra Caiman C3 4WS

Paul John's SCX10ii Caiman C2

Andy Brasted's Capra Caiman C3 4WS

Kevin "Landy Kev" Hall

Comp rig for GCRC Class 2

Rails: Caiman carbon in launch silver
Trans: Stock Capra
Axles: Treal front Capra, stock Capra rear
Servos: Steering Reefs 777 & Winch Reefs micro 99
Motor: Hobbywing Axe 2300kv v1
Esc: Hobbywing Axe v1

SmallnSound: Powerfoams, skid plate, sliders, front bumper mounts

GCRC parts,: RRCback bed, Treal CFront BAxle housing, and knuckles, D-Link Brass riser links, Treal 3rd member, Punks 3D Custom carbon 2.2 Jigsaw wheels

Landy Kev's Capra Caiman C2

Leigh's Enduro Caiman C2

Benjamin Cadd's "Launch Addition"

Example DIG fitment