For us, the Caiman is all about driving and performance, we use our team drivers for constant feeback and improvement - see their builds here

    Aiden Scott

    Alison Brasted

    Andy Knight

    Brian Payne – Small & Sound

    Gina Curtis – Gina Curtis Radio Control

    Kevin Hall “Landy Kev” – Small & Sound, Dino RC

    Luke Wolfe – RRC Custom

    Paul Warren - BERCC

    Rhys Jones – RRC Customs

    Sam Nicholson

    Tracy Callaghan

  • GCRC PRO TEAM: (multiple sponsor drivers)

    Alan Read - GCRC, Caiman

    Andy Brasted - GCRC, Caiman

    Gareth Curtis - GCRC, Caiman

    Ian Henderson – GCRC, LCG Crawler, Procrawler / Flatgekko, Schumacher racing

    Kris Callaghan – GCRC, Caiman, Make it - Build it

    Paul John - GCRC, Caiman, BERCC

    Sean Baker – GCRC, Caiman, BERCC, PC3D, CML, Small&Sound

Andy Brasted

Bedfordshire Scale RC Comp

GCRC Pro Team Driver


BERCC Team Driver

BERCC Comp Manager

SST / King of Mallets Crew

2022/3 Trophies:
GCRC R3 BERCC Winner C1 2022

GCRC South Rd3 RU C1 2023

Comp Rigs:
C3 Caiman Capra 4ws
C2 Caiman SCX10.2
C1 Caiman TRX4

Gareth Curtis

GCRC Managing Director
Gareth Curtis Radio Control – Treal
Holmes Hobbies Distribution UK LTD

GCRC Pro Team Manager
GCRC Caiman Team Manager

2022/3 Trophies:
SST Pay&Play RU C3 2022


GCRC North R1 RU C3 2023

GCRC North R2 RU C1 2023

GCRC North R2 RU C2 2023

Funduro GCRC RU C1 2023

Comp Rigs:
C3 Caiman Capra F9 4ws
C2 Caiman Capra F9
C2 Caiman Capra F9 Superlite
C1 Caiman SCX10iii AR45P

C2 TGH HH Expert Enduro

Gina Curtis

GCRC Managing Director

(Gina Curtis Radio Control)

- Caiman

- Reefs

GCRC Caiman Team Driver

Comp Rigs:
C2 Caiman Capra

(with vanquish 3 gear with DIG)

Paul John

GCRC FB Social Media Manager
GCRC Caiman Team Driver
BERCC Committee member

GCRC 2023 Southern Competion Series Manager


Northern Series Rd1 C1 Winner

Northern Series C1 Overall RU

Comp Rigs:
C2 Caiman Enduro

C1 Caiman TRX4

Kev Hall

Set up Cambs Crawlers
Part of the EAST team
YouTube channel landy_kev

2022 Trophies
C3 winner round 1
C1 runner up round 2
C3 runner up round 2
C3 winner SST comp day
Runner Up Sunday SST KOM Tiny tyres

Comp Rigs:
C2 Caiman Capra

Team driver for Caiman chassis
Team driver for Small and Sound Powerfoams
First International Team driver for DinoRC

Rhys Jones

GCRC Caiman Team Driver

RRC Customs Owner / MD

GCRC Supplier

GCRC Product development

Comp Rigs:
C1 Caiman VP F9 Custom build"Red Devil"

C2 Caiman Capra F9 Custom build "Purple Demon"

C3 TGH Sherpa Custom build "Carbon King"

  • GCRC Caiman Team Drivers 2023

  • GCRC Pro Team 2023