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Gareth Curtis

GCRC Managing Director
Gareth Curtis Radio Control – Treal
Holmes Hobbies Distribution UK LTD

GCRC Pro Team Manager
GCRC Caiman Team Manager

2022/3 Trophies:
SST Pay&Play RU C3 2022


GCRC North R1 RU C3 2023

GCRC North R2 RU C1 2023

GCRC North R2 RU C2 2023

Funduro GCRC RU C1 2023

Comp Rigs:
C3 Caiman Capra 4ws
C2 Caiman Capra
C2 Caiman Capra Superlite
C1 Caiman C1v1

Gina Curtis

GCRC Managing Director

(Gina Curtis Radio Control)

- Caiman

- Reefs

GCRC Caiman Team Driver

Comp Rigs:
C2 Caiman Capra

(with vanquish 3 gear with DIG)


    Aiden Scott

    Alison Brasted

    Andy Knight

    Brian Payne – Small & Sound

    Gina Curtis – Gina Curtis Radio Control

    Kevin Hall “Landy Kev” – Small & Sound, Dino RC

    Luke Wolfe – RRC Custom

    Paul Warren - BERCC

    Rhys Jones – RRC Customs

    Sam Nicholson

    Tracy Callaghan

  • GCRC PRO TEAM: (multiple sponsor drivers)

    Alan Read - GCRC, Caiman

    Andy Brasted - GCRC, Caiman

    Gareth Curtis - GCRC, Caiman

    Ian Henderson – GCRC, LCG Crawler, Procrawler / Flatgekko, Schumacher racing

    Kris Callaghan – GCRC, Caiman, Make it - Build it

    Paul John - GCRC, Caiman, BERCC

    Sean Baker – GCRC, Caiman, BERCC, PC3D, CML, Small&Sound